It seems that Angelina Love of TNA's The Beautiful People is upset about WWE's Lay-Cool gimmick. Angelina Love posted the following status message in her Facebook:

“So this is what I get for quickly flipping thru the channels on a friday night……a blonde & a brunette blatantly ripping something off……..BRUTAL!!!”

The Beautiful People

Layla said in her Twitter that they don't watch TNA. I guess that means since they don't watch TNA then they can't copy anything. LOL!

“Cuz all of the tweets about this subject For the Record I do Not watch TNA So copy cat thing… kinda NOT!! This is All I will say Done!!”

For the record, I kinda like The Beautiful People more than Lay-Cool. ;)

TNA Xplosion Is Back

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TNA's one hour weekly program is back, TNA Xplosion. The show will have a new format, a new logo and a new announcement team.

TNA Xplosion

“TNA features more talented superstars than ever before in company history, so it made sense to refresh “Xplosion” and make it a more important part of the TNA brand,” said TNA Wrestling President Dixie Carter.

In addition to the format changes, “Xplosion” will feature a new announce team, a new logo, graphics and theme music performed by Victory Records recording artist “Taproot”.

This is definitely a great move for TNA. Now, they'll have an extra hour each week to showcase their other talents. I just hope that the shows time won't be eaten by Hulk Hogan every week. LOL!

YouTube: TNA Today (June 21, 2010)

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Watch the latest TNA Today in YouTube with Jeremy Borash and Don West. I really don't like the voices of these two people. Both of their voices are freakingly annoying but that doesn't mean I don't like them. LOL!

TNA Today reported that Hamada was almost fired or released by TNA. Due to the shortage of Knockouts, Hamada was kept.


Infrequently seen TNA Knockout Hamada was recently in danger of being released but scored a reprieve from management due to the shortage of female wrestling created by Lisa Marie Varon's departure from the organization, as well as injuries suffered by Angelina Love and Daffney. is reporting that talk of cutting Hamada led to much head scratching amongst the wrestlers as she's considered the best worker in the Knockouts division. - READ FULL STORY

Good thing the didn't. I kinda like Hamada!

TNA Impact Ratings Down

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Ratings for TNA Impact was down BIG TIME and it was greatly due to the NBA Finals. It's Game 1 of the highly anticipated rematch of NBA's two best teams, LA Lakers versus Boston Celtics.

TNA Impact

The initial details on last night's TNA Impact is the show drew an average of 1.05 million viewers over the course of the two-hour show.

Last night's 1.05 million viewers were down nearly 22 percent compared to last week's 1.34 million viewers. - READ FULL STORY

Unfortunately, Boston lost Game 1. T_T posted that Sean Waltman maybe gone from TNA for good.

Sean Waltman

The latest word coming from sources within TNA Wrestling is that the angle involving Sean Waltman getting laid out on TNA iMPACT! was set up to be his exit from the company. As seen recently, Eric Young became the newest member of The Band alongside Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. Samoa Joe had also been considered for Waltman's replacement in the faction before TNA eventually decided to use Young instead. - READ FULL STORY

Well, never say never in wrestling. Who knows he may come back in the future.

Bischoff, An Imbecile

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LOL! Stumbled on an online article about how TNA has failed and it also says that Eric Bischoff is an IMBECILE.

But what's so funny about this whole charade, is that you have this imbecile, Bischoff, saying that the internet is not important and yet, this same guy, tells us to go to TNA's website to vote for the Top 10 list?!

Read the FULL STORY in Bleacher Report, CLICK HERE! posted the matches for Slammiversary 2010 (see below).

TNA World Title Match – Rob Van Dam (c) vs Sting

Teacher vs Student – Brother Ray vs Jessie Neal

Kurt Angle vs Kazarian

TNA Tag Title Match – The Band (c) vs. Matt Morgan & TBA

TNA X-Division Title Match – Douglas Williams (c) vs. Brian Kendrick

TNA Knockouts Title Match – Madison Rayne (c) vs. Roxxi

Is this accurate?

TNA will be back in the UK and on the YouTube Video below you will see TNA Wrestling Superstars like Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam, AJ Styles and others talking about how they love performing in the UK.

Jeff Hardy should really try to learn how to improve his promos. I got bored listening to him talk. Ha ha ha!

Sting Leaving For WWE

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The Bleacher Report posted a theory involving Sting. In this theory (or set of theories), Sting will be cut off from the current TNA Roster and will later join WWE.

Sting is a perfect candidate to be released by TNA.
With Sting in the WWE, a handful of potential dream match-ups immediately become a reality.

Those are just two of the theories they have about Sting. They have a few more and to read them in detail please CLICK HERE!

James Caldwell of said that TNA doesn't need Hogan as evidenced by the quality of last Thursday's Impact.

As evidenced by the quality of last night's TNA Impact show, TNA doesn't need Hogan back in the ring, nor do they need to focus on building to a Hogan return match. Rather, they need to continue focusing on the talent they have who can make money for the promotion and deliver quality wrestling matches.

Want to learn more about his thoughts on this issue? CLICK HERE!

Hogan In Constant Agony

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Wrestling legend Ric Flair said that Hulk Hogan is in constant agony. This was mentioned in a story posted by

Flair - who is a member of the Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling roster with Hogan - told BANG Showbiz: "His heart is in the ring but he has health issues and at this point in time they are overwhelming. His back has been really bad. He's got an artificial knee, an artificial hip, which don't bother him at all. But his back is causing everything to hurt." - READ FULL STORY

Well, Hulk Hogan shouldn't really be wrestling anymore and the same goes to Ric Flair. They can do much more as mentors to new wrestlers than going into the ring themselves.

A contributor in the Bleacher Report wrote a story saying that TNA should listen to the IWC more.

(This is an old pic, Christian is no longer in TNA)

I first off want to start off by saying that I am a huge fan of everybody's work on this site. I really feel that Bleacher is where to find the true heart beat of the internet wrestling community (IWC). One basic theme that I have been noticing is that there is a division between the IWC and TNA creative. This article will try to understand why the division has occured and what could resolve it. - READ FULL STORY

By the way, IWC means Internet Wrestling Community.

Pro Wrestling Journal posted Jeremy Borash's interview. He talked about Impact's move back to Thursday Nights and about future roster cuts as well.

Regarding to TNA iMPACT! moving back to Thursday nights, Borash said, “I think it’s definitely a different era. It would have been nice to re-capture the competitive spirit of being on Monday nights, but at the end of the day, it was just more of an inconvenience. Perhaps being back on Thursday nights, we can prosper and thrive. At the same time, I would have liked to have stuck it out a little bit longer on Mondays, especially at a point where there were very exciting programs that we did produce.” He added, “There are a lot of things about the Monday Night Wars that we could have taken part in and really brought some popularity to the idea of it again.”


PWTorch posted about Consequences Creed about his TNA run and his plans after TNA. Creed mentioned cuts are expected specially when too many new stars were coming in.

(Photo from TriStar)

Recently-released TNA wrestler Consequences Creed says he could see the writing on the wall that he would be released as more big-name wrestlers joined TNA. Creed, who was released in March, says there's only so much TV time to go around. - READ FULL STORY

TNA does seems to forget about their in-house talent and kinda care more about getting old WWE talents. LOL! reports that the May 20, 2010 episode of TNA Impact had a slight increase in ratings. An increase is an increase no matter how slight it is.

Last week’s edition of TNA iMPACT! scored a 0.96 rating with an average audience of 1,286,000 viewers. That is a slight increase over last week’s 0.93 rating and a good sign for TNA. If you’re looking for more information on TNA’s ratings results, be sure to check out our Ratings War section! - READ FULL STORY!

I still think that they should have never moved to Monday Nights. It really affected their ratings in Thursday Nights.

Everyone has an opinion and this guy certainly has an opinion. LOL!

I love Black Machismo! He is so freaking FUNNY! He he he!

ConeyRocks reports that TNA Wrestling will be in Coney Island LIVE on July 2, 2010.

The superstars of Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling's "TNA iMPACT" on Spike (Thursday 9 p.m. ET/PT) are invading Brooklyn! TNA Live! will hit MCU Park Friday, July 2. Doors open at 6 p.m. and the show starts at 7 p.m. for an unforgettable night of action.

TNA Live! is an interactive entertainment experience that sends its craziest fans BACKSTAGE to meet TNA Superstars!

For more information about the event, please READ FULL STORY HERE.

Scott Hall Arrested

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Pro Wrestling Journal posted that one half of TNA's Tag Champions, Scott Hall, was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and resisting an officer.

Hall was informed that he was being arrested and the police attempted to handcuff him. “Scott refused this directive,” reads the police report, “and instead, thrust out his chest, walking closer to me, stating, ‘I ain’t going down for this [expletive deleted].’” Hall was eventually handcuffed and placed in a squad car. - READ FULL STORY

My guess is, too much beer got into Scott Hall's head. LOL!

Kurt Angle Starting From The Bottom

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Kurt Angle is coming back and posted that he will be starting at the bottom of the pack.

Kurt Angle is excited about this new storyline he is doing where he will start at the bottom and face each person in the top 10. He told the boys that he can't wait to have his match with Rob Terry so he can show just how good he is by having the best match of Terry's career. Some people are skeptical that even Kurt can do this. - READ FULL STORY

I would like this idea only if Kurt would go through all the active roster because, at least, those who are not being used can be given some TV time. Even if they lose to Kurt Angle, it would still be a great opportunity for them. posted that Booker T appeared in a House Show against TNA Champion Rob Van Damn. Is Booker T coming back to TNA?

Former WCW and WWE World champion Booker T just came out to challenge Rob Van Dam for the TNA championship at the TNA house show in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Van Dam was scheduled to face AJ Styles, who did not appear. - READ FULL STORY

Unfortunately, posted that Booker T's appearance was only a One Night Deal.

This appears to be a one-night deal. Rob Van Dam was set to face AJ Styles, but Styles flight was detoured to Houston, Texas. - READ FULL STORY

Sorry, Booker T fans but who knows. Never say never in Pro Wrestling. TNA Management might take him back.

TNA President, Ms. Dixie Carter, mentioned Mickie James in her latest Twitter tweets.

At my first music showcase in a while right now. Wanna guess the artist? Mickie James. Thanks for the invite girl. - TNADixie
Just left my first music showcase in a while. Wanna guess the artist? Mickie James. Thanks for the invite girl. - TNADixie
Dunno, I never liked Mickie James when she was still in WWE. I don't think I would like her too in TNA.

Here we have a Web Match between Douglas Williams and Okada. It's a good fast paced match that every TNA fan can enjoy.

It's the first time I've seen Okada wrestle in TNA and I kinda enjoyed his wrestling. posted that it will be Sting versus Rob Van Dam in this year's Slammiversary Main Event.

Rob Van Dam

It was just announced at tonight’s tapings that Sting vs. Rob Van Dam for the TNA World Title will take place as the main event for Slammiversary. READ FULL STORY

If this is true then I don't think Sting will win this one. Unless, Rob Van Dam wants to leave TNA Wrestling, I feel that he will be carrying that Championship Title longer.

TNA fans, below is the poster for Slammiversary 2010. On it are the Icon Sting and TNA World Heavyweight Champion Rob Van Dam.

Slammiversary is TNA Wrestling's version of WWE Wrestlemania and just like Wrestlemania. It is TNA Wrestling's biggest event of the year.

Watch it LIVE on June 13, 2010. Visit for more information.

WWE has never or will never acknowledge the existence of TNA Wrestling in their own programming but they do recognize its existence outside of it.

"If you look at another program called TNA, which is a wrestling program on Spike, that is blood and guts and gore. We are not going there, nor I would say have we ever been to that degree that they are," Goldsmith said at the J.P. Morgan Global Media, Technology, and Media Conference in Boston. "We decided no blood and if someone gets hit by accident, we will stop the match if we have to and take care of them. Those decisions (to market WWE TV as PG) were made consciously. READ FULL STORY"

You know what? That is why TNA Wrestling is an "Alternative". If they will do what WWE does then TNA will no longer be an "Alternative". Besides, TNA Wrestling and WWE are different since WWE is Sports Entertainment while TNA is Pro Wrestling.

Inside Pulse Wrestling posted that Christopher Daniels is in serious talk with TNA and has not committed to any ROH dates after July.

Christopher Daniels has not committed to any ROH dates after July, so the feeling is that he is in somewhat serious discussions with TNA about returning there under a new deal. READ FULL STORY

Will he return to TNA Wrestling? I hope so. He is definitely one of TNA Wrestling's better talents.

NA Superstar will create special paint job for Sadler’s truck at this weekend’s NASCAR Camping World Truck Series’ North Carolina Education Lottery 200 at Charlotte Motor Speedway

Nashville, Tennessee (May 18, 2010) – Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling Superstar “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy is considered one of the most creative professional wrestlers in history, and now he’s taking his art to the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series.

Hardy, a native of Cameron, North Carolina, will design a special paint scheme for driver Hermie Sadler’s truck in the North Carolina Education Lottery 200 May 21 at Charlotte Motor Speedway. In addition to being one of the most unique and artistic professional wrestlers in the world, Hardy is also an avid painter and designer.

“I was asked to create a design for a race truck. When I asked, ‘what kind of design?’ they said ‘just something like your paintings,’ and that’s exactly what they got. After seeing the final design, I was blown away!,” Hardy said.

“I’m thrilled that Jeff wanted to show his skills and design this truck,” Sadler said. “It will be cool to see what the NASCAR and TNA Wrestling fans think of the design, and hopefully Jeff’s large fan base in North Carolina will be in Charlotte pulling for us.”

TNA fans will be able to purchase a special limited edition die-cast 1/24th scale replica of Hardy’s design this Fall at

TNA Superstar Shannon Moore of the tag team “Ink Inc.” will join Hardy at Charlotte Motor Speedway on Saturday for All-Star Race Day, including an autograph session at the CMS Kids Zone Area starting at 2 p.m. ET. Hardy will also participate as a celebrity judge in the “Pennzoil Ultra Victory Challenge,” airing live on the SPEED network 5: this Saturday, May 22 at 5:30 p.m. ET.

The “Pennzoil Ultra Victory Challenge” will feature a burnout challenge contest between top NASCAR drivers Joey Logano, David Reutimann, Jamie McMurray, Kyle Busch, Kevin Harvick, Clint Bowyer and Ryan Newman.

Joining Hardy on the celebrity judge panel will be Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith and singer Scott Stapp and guitar player Mark Tremonit of the band Creed.

For more information on events at Charlotte Motor Speedway, visit

About TNA Wrestling

Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling is the world’s most innovative experience in professional wrestling. Join Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Rob Van Dam, “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle, Sting, the lovely and lethal TNA Knockouts and the no-limits X-Division for “TNA iMPACT!” every Thursday night at 9:00 pm ET/PT on Spike TV.

TNA Entertainment, LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Nashville, Tenn.

- TNA Wrestling, Press Release